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Removing the rumen in one week during fasting

 Removing the rumen in one week during fasting

 The rumen can be removed in one week during the fasting month by following some tips. This not only helps to maintain a slim body, but also prevents some serious health problems, especially at the level of

 the liver and kidneys as well. It is not difficult to achieve this goal, even in the month of Ramadan, where the rumen can be removed in a week, depending on some useful tips. Before this, the reasons for the accumulation of fat in this area of ​​the body must be known.

Reasons for the appearance of the rumen

 The need to remove the rumen appears in a week or a little more, with preparations to receive the feast in a summer atmosphere. This

 is what must be taken care of in the month of Ramadan, knowing that the causes of this problem are multiple and the most prominent of them are related to the wrong lifestyle and health system.

1 Adding a large amount of fat to the daily food routine by eating ready-made foods. This leads to the consumption of a large amount of calories and causes weight gain, specifically in the areas of the abdomen, flanks and buttocks.

2 Giving up some meals, especially breakfast, which prompts the body to take a defensive action by accumulating fat.

3 Follow wrong eating habits, including eating in the period between meals, which often causes bloating to occur frequently.

4 Eat and go to sleep directly.

5 Sitting for long hours and not exercising.

6 factors genetics and advancing age.

 Tips to get rid of the rumen

In order to remove the rumen in one week during fasting, it is recommended to follow some useful instructions.

1 When it is time for breakfast, you must follow a program based on drinking a glass of water or lukewarm milk, followed by a cup of soup. After 15 minutes, you can move on to the healthy main course.

2 It is preferable to eat a very small amount of sweets, especially those rich in sugar. Only 3 very small portions per week should be sufficient.

3 Be careful not to eat a lot of foods that can cause flatulence and gas, including beans, chickpeas, broccoli, lentils, cabbage and pastries.

4 Eat slowly and chew well in order to facilitate its digestion and prevent flatulence.

5 You should drink at least 6 to 7 glasses of water during the period two hours after eating breakfast. This prevents dehydration, stimulates digestion and prevents bloating.

6 It is also recommended to eat fruits that contain fiber in the period between breakfast and suhoor. This activates the work of the digestive system. In this case, you can choose apples, peaches, peaches and oranges.

7 It is necessary to exercise regularly, focusing on those that work to tighten the abdominal muscles and limit its appearance. It is preferable to do this for 15 minutes a day, taking care not to overdo it to prevent feeling tired.

8 It is very useful to take some natural herbal extracts such as green tea, mint tea, ginger and lemon. This helps to burn body fats, especially those that accumulate in the abdomen and flanks.

9 After the suhoor meal, and in order to remove the rumen in a week, a cup of natural, unsweetened yogurt can be eaten. It has a detox

 effect as it contains beneficial bacteria that purify the digestive system from toxins, which helps to lose weight and maintain a slim and healthy body.


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