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Removing the rumen at a record speed, eating 3 types of breakfast

 Removing the rumen at a record speed, eating 3 types of breakfast

Removing the bloated belly and burning fat is a goal that every woman who suffers from excess weight and wants to get rid of the abdomen. Despite the many attempts you made, you did not succeed in reaching any satisfactory result.

Here is a diet that contains 3 types of breakfast that you can follow in order to reduce your weight in a safe and effective way, and to get a body sculpting to the standards you dream of:

Why do you have to eat breakfast every day?

Skipping breakfast won't help you get rid of a bloated belly, but it will slow down your metabolism and lead to an accumulation of fat in your body.

The main function of breakfast is to provide you with the energy your body needs during the day, and then help you burn fat, especially in your belly area.

Important tip:

To get a safe and more effective slimming result within a record period, do not eat breakfast immediately after you wake up. Wait for 30 to 40 minutes.

3 models of breakfast to get rid of the rumen

The first breakfast: its texture: lemon, apple and oats

Put in a glass of lukewarm water a few drops of lemon juice, and drink.

After 40 minutes, eat a green apple.

Prepare a cup of green tea with a little yogurt with oats, and eat it.

Its benefit:

    • Lukewarm water with lemon juice can rid your body of toxins.

    • As for the apple, it contributes to burning your accumulated fats.

    • Green tea and oats are ideal options for losing weight.

The second breakfast: its texture: whole bread, boiled eggs and grapefruit

Prepare a plant extract with honey and drink it.

- After 40 minutes, prepare a sandwich consisting of whole bread with a chopped boiled egg and an avocado.

Finish your breakfast with a glass of grapefruit juice.

Its benefit:

    • Wholemeal bread and boiled eggs provide you with the protein your body needs. Where there is a study stating that people who eat boiled eggs in the morning, do not need to eat any type of food in the period between meals.

    • As for grapefruit juice, it provides you with the necessary vitamins.

The third breakfast: its texture: strawberry, yogurt and oats

Squeeze 5 strawberries in a glass of water, and drink the mixture lukewarm without adding sugar to it.

After 40 minutes, put a few oats in a cup of yoghurt.

Eat a sandwich that contains wholemeal oatmeal and light cheese with a few drops of olive oil.

Its benefit:

    Strawberries are rich in antioxidants

    • Remember that yogurt is rich in antibiotics and makes you feel full.

    • As for the oatmeal sandwich, it boosts your metabolism and helps cleanse your body of harmful residues.


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