Recipes to get rid of the rumen after cesarean section

 Recipes to get rid of the rumen after cesarean section

The skin of the abdomen is exposed to flabbiness and cracks after caesarean section, which is a natural thing that everyone who has undergone this operation, so the abdomen needs intense care after

 giving birth at least 4 months to give the wound the right time to heal, and we will introduce you to my beautiful dear through this article Some important tips that help you restore the shape of the

 abdomen before childbirth and pregnancy, and the best exercises that you can practice to get rid of the rumen after cesarean delivery.

Exercises to get rid of the rumen after caesarean section


pelvic floor exercise

This exercise depends on lying on a mattress that is comfortable, then you bend your knees inward towards the abdomen, and then at the same time you pull the navel in and out, and every ten seconds straighten your legs while repeating this exercise according to your ability.

Aerobics exercise

Aerobic exercise is one of the best exercises that helps to get rid of the abdomen in general, and you can also ride a bike

walking exercise

Walking helps burn all the stubborn fats throughout the body, including belly fat and buttocks.

Abdominal exercise

To practice the abdominal exercise, you can, dear mother, lie on a comfortable mattress and spread your legs so that they are far apart, then raise your legs to the top and then go down and repeat this exercise many times.

Natural recipe for burning belly fat after cesarean delivery

Lemon and ginger recipe

Required components

One sliced ​​lemon

Half a tablespoon of ground ginger

1 tablespoon of ground cumin

How to prepare and use

Boil a liter of water

Soak cumin, ginger and lemon slices in boiling water, cover and leave overnight

Filter the mixture and drink a cup of it twenty minutes before any meal

Drink the drink three times a day and continue; So that you get satisfactory results besides the previous exercises.

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