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Reasons for not losing weight

Reasons for not losing weight

Some women complain about their inability to lose weight despite diets and regular exercise, which may frustrate them, and push them to stop continuing, but let us think before stopping, if the lady among us has done everything necessary to lose weight before she gives up:

1- Don't drink a lot of water.

Drinking water helps control protein intake and speed up metabolism, as well as foods rich in water such as vegetables and fruits, which give a feeling of fullness to the stomach and reduce food quantities.

2- Excessive eating of healthy foods:

Avocados, wheat and dark chocolate are all healthy foods and have dozens of benefits, but eating them in abundance may harm your attempts to reduce your weight, as one avocado contains about 200 calories, so you should not eat a lot of these foods.

3. Work out on an empty stomach.

If you exercise regularly without eating before exercise, this will not help much, as you will lose calories from muscle and not from fat, in addition to the fact that eating before exercise gives you energy to continue the exercise and thus greater weight loss.

4. Your partner does not have healthy habits.

If your husband follows healthy eating habits and exercises, this is very beneficial for you, but if it is the opposite, beware of harming your strenuous attempts to unintentionally reach your goal.

 Communicate with him well, convince him to exercise, and try to introduce a healthy lifestyle ambivalently into your life without feeling that something is being imposed on him.

5. You are not sleeping enough.

Being preoccupied with work, sports and life matters may not help you sleep much, which may harm your attempts to lose weight. Sleep gives you mental rest and makes you more energetic, which helps you to continue exercising and gives you greater ability to tolerate the diet.

6- Don't eat a lot of vegetables.

My lady, you should eat five to seven pieces of vegetables a day, to provide your body with the energy, protein and calories you need.

7- Eating while standing:

Eating while standing in front of the refrigerator or the dining table may seem like an attempt to save time, but it makes your eating method chaotic and undisciplined, which leads to you eating unhealthy food.

8. You wear plus-size clothes.

Wearing loose-fitting clothes may make you forget your body shape, which affects your awareness of your weight gain or the sudden change in your appearance, and this reduces your motivation to go to the gym to exercise or continue dieting.

9- Skipping breakfast:

It may seem to some that skipping breakfast is a good way to save calories, but that's not true. So, madam, make sure to eat breakfast and more protein and fiber, as it gives you good energy and less fat.

10. Don't Leave Enough Time for Fun

Effort and psychological anxiety help to gain a lot of weight, so try to find enough time for fun and laughter, and do not allow depression to control your mind and soul, as this will give you enough energy and motivation to continue your attempts to lose weight. 


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