Reasons for not losing weight despite exercising

 Reasons for not losing weight despite exercising

Reasons for not losing weight despite exercising, have you suffered or are suffering from this problem recently?

The truth is that the effort that some of us make to get rid of excess weight, may not meet the success we aspire to and cause us despair

 at times, because we do everything necessary to lose weight, whether by following a certain diet or exercising.

Which is what makes some of us, reluctance to complete the slimming process that he set for himself. But today we will give

 you the most prominent reasons that prevent you from losing weight despite exercising.

Reasons for not losing weight despite exercising

They are common reasons, most of which are due to wrong practices related to diet and exercise, which leads to not losing weight as required.

Among the reasons for not losing weight despite exercising, as reported by DailyMedicalinfo:

• The possibility of losing weight without knowing it: as the weight may not change on the scale for several days or weeks, but this does not mean that weight will not be lost.

 The reason for this is due to the quality of the foods we eat and the effect of hormones that cause fluid retention in the body.

The process of losing fat can also be associated with gaining muscle at the same time, so it is preferable to use something other than the

 scale to see if the weight is going down, such as measuring the waist circumference and detecting the percentage of body fat once a month.

• Not calculating what we eat: Paying attention to calculating calories in food helps us lose weight for sure.

• Not eating enough protein: It is the most important nutrient for losing weight, as eating protein, especially for breakfast, at 30% of

 daily calories can stimulate the metabolism and burn up to 100 calories per day.

• Eat more calories: Too many calories, even in healthy foods, does not effectively help in losing weight.

• Not lifting weights: which helps to maintain muscle mass, and also prevents the slowing down of the metabolism and burning process in the body.

• Not doing cardio exercises: or cardio exercises, which are known to stimulate the process of burning fat in the body, especially the visceral fat in the abdomen.

• Lack of sleep: Several studies indicate that bad sleep is one of the main reasons for not losing weight despite exercising.

• Not drinking enough water: We all know that water increases the amount of calories burned and weight drops automatically.

There are also medical reasons for not losing weight that you must be aware of, which are:

• Starve the body for a long time.

• Setting unrealistic and difficult expectations regarding weight loss.

• Focusing mainly on "dieting" and not "healthy and balanced diet" that ensures weight loss and maintenance for a long time.

• Binge eating, even when eating healthy food.

• Not eating healthy foods that are low in calories and rich in ingredients that enhance the feeling of satiety.

• Eating more than the meals that should be eaten daily, even if they are in the form of small meals.

• Drink sugary drinks, even healthy ones.

• Eat foods rich in carbohydrates.

• Not eating carefully makes us lose the ability to eat rationally, which helps to lose weight.

• Addiction to eating fast food despite following a specific diet from the doctor and commitment to exercise all the time.

In the end, we recommend that you consult a specialist doctor to go on a diet of your own and know the exercises to be done. 

It is also necessary to consult a doctor in the event of not losing weight despite the commitment to these matters to find out the reasons behind it.

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