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Raising children: steps to accustom a child to wake up early

 Raising children: steps to accustom a child to wake up early

Waking up the child early is a difficult task that most mothers suffer from, especially during school days. What are the steps that can be taken to get the child used to getting up early every morning?

- Organizing meal times

Organizing the dates of the three main meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, will automatically and on a daily basis make him feel hungry at a specific time, which helps him to get up early in the morning to eat his breakfast.


Get your child used to doing some exercise in the morning, especially the ones he prefers and feels excited about, such as walking, running, tennis, swimming, etc., to resist his feeling of

 lethargy. It can be replaced by doing any activity that stimulates his activity, such as preparing breakfast with you, preparing tea, or a dish he prefers to eat...

-a good idol

Parents getting up early, especially at the weekend and on holidays, the child will realize that it is a healthy daily routine with no exceptions, and it applies to all family members.

-time value

When the child gets used from a young age to use the time to finish his homework and other activities he is obligated to do, he will have enough time for fun and enjoyment, and sleeping early is very

 important in getting up in the morning more lively and active. Vandy has the benefits of going to bed early to be convinced that it is not an obligation, but rather a need to prevent diseases, grow quickly, revitalize the body, and the same is true for getting up...


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