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Q: What are the best ways to burn fat?

 Q: What are the best ways to burn fat?

Q: I am a girl who has gained a lot of weight and I want to get rid of the extra weight and some best tips to burn fat permanently?

 Dear reader, the way the body burns fat is very important in helping to get rid of excess weight through a correct understanding of how the body works. Here are some useful tips that will make it easier for you to lose weight in a healthy way:

Don't try to starve yourself, as hunger slows down the body's metabolism so that it stores more fat.

Try to increase the duration of exercise, as the body begins to burn stored fat thirty minutes after starting to exercise.

Choose high-energy exercises such as walking, cycling, swimming or Swedish exercises.

 Try to diversify the sports activity you do, as it is recommended to change the type of sports you practice at least once every six weeks.

Always make sure to eat breakfast.

Do not drink alcohol and avoid smoking, as they inhibit the body's ability to burn internal fat.

And about burning more calories in general, there are American and Swiss studies that have shown that walking for a quarter of an hour a day, or making any simple addition to the daily exercise, may not be

 enough to prevent obesity. Some experts suggest that it is possible to prevent and avoid obesity by reducing the amount of calories a person consumes by about 100 calories. Or by doing daily exercise

 that burns this amount of calories. In this case, it must be noted that burning 100 calories per day requires more daily effort than some people think. If your goal is to burn 100 calories by walking daily,

 the time required for this would be walking for an hour for people who do slow walks. As for the brisk walkers, the time it takes to burn the same amount of calories is thirty minutes.


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