Psychological stress... Ways to avoid

Psychological stress... Ways to avoid

Psychological stress has become a feature of our time, and it has great health and psychological effects on one, especially when the level of stress is high, which may lead to severe damage to health.

Specialists in this field are advised to follow several steps that will reduce the level of tension in the body, namely:

Remedies from nature

Zizi Bader, the cosmetic consultant, offers solutions to treat the effects of stress on your beauty, which are:

Stress due to high blood pressure: Drink cold juices, especially pineapple juice with orange.

Dry skin: There are cold mask treatments, especially the yoghurt mask, which helps soften the skin, and the cold grated potato mask.

Paleness and yellowing of the skin: Drink apple and celery juice for 7 days, it helps to improve the freshness of the skin and restore its vitality.

Pimples: Prepare bran lotion, which is a boiled filtered bran that is cooled in the refrigerator and taken from it to wash the face morning and evening.

Hair loss: Use aloe vera extract that helps stop hair loss.

Broken nails: Prepare lemon and olive oil soaks, which help strengthen nails and improve their color.

De-stress with exercise

Dr. Bader Al-Shaibani, a fitness trainer, also advises exercising, which is one of the best effective ways to reduce anxiety, as exercise causes many physiological changes in the body, such as an increase

 in blood circulation and oxygen consumption, as well as metabolism, and increases the process of Elimination of waste products from the body.

These exercises increase the secretion of lactic acid, which reduces anxiety and stress, as well as the secretion of endorphins, and this gives those who exercise for a long time a feeling of great happiness.

Studies have proven that those who participate in sports programs regularly enjoy better health, have stronger vital energy, deal with problems better, sleep and manage life in a better way, and with the

 passage of time their feelings become better and they become more optimistic, and their self-concept becomes better, exercise reduces anxiety and in the long run It protects us from anxiety. 


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