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Protect your chest from these mistakes

 Protect your chest from these mistakes

The chest area is one of the most sensitive areas in a woman’s body, because it is made of fatty tissue and glands that produce milk. As for the elasticity of the surrounding skin, it is the result of the protein

 elastin. The sensitivity of this area requires intense attention and care to avoid diseases that may affect the breasts, the most dangerous of which is breast cancer, in addition to the flabbiness that distorts their appearance. Ladies, take care of the following to enjoy beautiful and healthy breasts.

1. Wearing a bra that is a size smaller:

Many women think that wearing a bra smaller than the size of the breasts makes them look more beautiful and sexy, but doctors warn against this because it may cause damage to the breast tissue.

2. Machine hair removal:

Many women suffer from having some hair around the nipple, but removing them by a machine is very dangerous, as it will lead to fragility in the skin, increase hair as well, and exposure to many serious infections.

3. Grasping wildly:

During intercourse, the partner touches the nipple violently, which is unpleasant despite its intimacy, because of its negative effect on the tissues.

4. Running and sports without a strap:

Some women, especially those who have small breasts, do not prefer to wear a bra during exercise, but this leads to several problems, including affecting the texture of the breast and its sagging.


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