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Postpartum back and neck pain treatment

 Postpartum back and neck pain treatment

During pregnancy and after childbirth, women suffer from lower back, neck and shoulder pain, which is common, especially for first-time mothers. What are the causes of this pain and how to treat?

Causes of neck, back and shoulder pain

1- Neglecting the intake of calcium and vitamins that the woman was taking during pregnancy, as her body still needs them to prevent anemia and calcium deficiency.

2- Sleeping the wrong way and malnutrition.

3- Carrying the child in the wrong way affects the lower back and causes severe pain.

4- Carrying the baby all the time to breastfeed and sleep.

How do you overcome this pain?

1- Do some exercises suitable for the neck and back, and to strengthen the muscles.

2- Make a compress of warm water and place it on the site of the pain.

3- Weight loss: Controlling obesity after childbirth helps a lot in treating lower back and neck pain, because the extra weight that was

 gained throughout the months of pregnancy is one of the most important causes of these pains, so be sure to follow a diet to control your weight and get rid of obesity.

4- Taking proper sitting positions: Sitting position affects the muscles of the back and neck, so you must take proper sitting

 positions, especially when breastfeeding the child, as well as avoid bending while sitting, and keep your back straight.

5- Avoid picking up heavy objects: After giving birth, it is advised to take a rest to recover, and it is also forbidden to carry heavy objects or bend over to pick them up, because this increases back pain.

6- Wearing comfortable shoes: Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes immediately after childbirth, because they increase lower back pain, choose comfortable ones that do not cause pressure on the back muscles.


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