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Pictures of the best cardio exercises for the abdomen for beginners in detail

 Pictures of the best cardio exercises for the abdomen for beginners in detail

The majority of women always complain about the accumulation of stubborn fat in the abdomen, as they try by all means to get rid of this annoying fat. 

Cardio exercises for the abdomen are among the most important exercises, as they contribute to burning the accumulated fat in the abdomen, building muscle masses, and sculpting the body.

So if you are looking for the best cardio exercises for the abdomen that you can do without having to walk outside or exercise on the Treadmill at home, here and with pictures are a group of the best

 cardio exercises for the abdomen to burn fat and sculpt the body for beginners with an amazing effect with pictures of exercises and details of positions.

Best cardio exercises for the stomach for beginners

first exercise

It is the same exercise as jumping rope. You can do it by using the traditional rope and jumping on it by joining the feet or by bending them one after the other, or doing the same movements without the rope.

second exercise

First stand straight, and extend your hands to your side from the side of the shoulder facing it, then move each shoulder separately in

 circular motions. To add some challenge to the exercise, raise and bend both feet as if you were running at the same time.

The third exercise

In the first movement, take a lunge position, then push your right foot forward and bend it, leaving the second leg extended behind.

 Now jump with the back foot and raise it in the air and bend it at the same time at the level of your stomach, and extend the second foot straight as the picture shows you.

Fourth exercise

First start the exercise with a squat and lower towards the floor and bring your butt back.

 Get ready to make a big leap forward and after the jump, get into a squat position again. Move from this position to take several small steps back, as the picture shows.

 Fifth exercise

First stand up straight, and put your right foot in front of your left. Lift your left foot in the back and extend it high forward and touch with your right hand the tips of the raised toes.

 Return the foot again as in the first movement, and repeat the movements in successive and fast ways with the switch feet.


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