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Nescafe and lemon diet to lose weight quickly

 Nescafe and lemon diet to lose weight quickly

Nescafe and lemon diet to lose weight quickly, there are many fast diets that we see every day on search engines or people circulate

 their news and details for one single purpose that has no second: losing weight in the fastest time and in the least amount of time.

But what people who are thirsty for a slim and slender body do not know at a record speed, is the great danger that these diets hide to health, especially if they are followed for a long time and move between several types of these fast diets.

That is why doctors and nutrition experts stress the need to follow a healthy and balanced diet to lose weight and accumulated fat in the

 body, based on a plan developed by the expert that takes into account the person’s health condition, the percentage of fat in the body and its exact location.

To talk about the Nescafe and lemon diet to lose weight quickly, which we do not recommend at all, we spoke to Natalie Gabrian, a nutritionist and sports coach, about this diet and its bad consequences for health in general.

Nescafe and lemon diet to lose weight quickly

It is known that Nescafe coffee is a global drink characterized by its strong aroma and unique taste, which helps focus, in addition to

 some of its other benefits for the body, including fighting dangerous diseases such as cancer because it contains antioxidants.

Gabrian says coffee made from coffee beans has great heart benefits, and contains antioxidants and appetite-suppressing properties and boosts metabolism to burn calories and body fat.

While lemon is a citrus fruit rich in minerals, antioxidants and vitamin C (vitamin C), which helps digestion. Therefore, both coffee and lemon are natural ingredients in every home that tempt people to try them out in the matter of losing weight.

Gabrian adds that although coffee and lemon do not have "magic" fat-loss properties, they are virtually calorie-free. Therefore, some people adopt the Nescafe and lemon diet, because they believe that it helps them lose weight.

How does weight loss happen?

The only scientific evidence in this matter, that fat loss for a healthy individual with no medical problem is calories in and out and quality

 of calories. So people who are calorie deficient and take lemonade and coffee think it is because of the drink when in fact, it is because of their calorie deficit.

An example of this is according to Gabrian, if a person is on a very low-calorie diet such as less than 1,000 calories (for women, the recommended minimum health is 1,200 calories and men are 1,500

 calories no less), then less than 1,000 calories It is very low diet and can lead to multiple health problems especially with fasting for weight loss such as hair loss, low immunity, vitamin and mineral deficiency, gallbladder problems, etc.

So, technically, weight loss (and fat loss) occurs when a calorie deficit occurs (and the body burns more calories than it takes in) through exercise, diet, or both.

Disadvantages of diet Nescafe and lemon to lose weight quickly

Based on the foregoing, Jabrian stresses that following the Nescafe and lemon diet to lose weight quickly is a step fraught with many risks and negative health effects.

Among the negative effects of the Nescafe diet and lemon to lose weight quickly:

Lemon juice is acidic, and it can cause heartburn, especially if the stomach is empty, and may cause nausea, which reduces appetite to eat less.

As for coffee, people may become addicted and obsessed with excessive consumption of it, which leads to more insomnia. The caffeine in Nescafe increases sleep pattern disruption, hormonal

 imbalance, and disrupts healthy eating choices. More research today shows why sleep is so important to the body's overall health.

Gabrian concludes that the combination of coffee and lemon creates a disgusting flavor and more nausea and makes people eat less

 (which we come back to for the problem of eating fewer calories) and this is the reason for weight loss, it is an indirect relationship and it is not true that eating Nescafe with lemon Contributes to rapid weight loss.


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