Natural mixtures that make you feminine

Natural mixtures that make you feminine

Many women suffer from the problem of small breast size, and some of them resort to solutions for it through plastic surgery, to increase the size and highlight it.. and if such operations are now available,

 and are good for many, it seems that they are ignorant of the existence of recipes and natural herbs that sing them, and we have collected for you the most famous, Which was recommended by many women after experiencing its results.

the ring

Fenugreek is known to be a healthy herb that has many uses, including breast augmentation. Practical experiences have proven

 that women taking fenugreek three times a day helps in enlarging the size of the breast, and herbal experts have designated the fenugreek in the form of pills that they called "Fenocrick".

Fennel seeds

Another natural herbal remedy rich in estrogen, you can use it by adding fennel seeds to food, and you will notice the difference, as it works to rejuvenate blood cells, and increases the size of the chest.


Grind a cup of roasted sesame, add to it two tablespoons of finely ground sugar, then two tablespoons of original honey, and eat ten tablespoons of it daily, at separate times, at a rate of three in the

 morning, three before lunch, and three in the evening, and if you do not want to eat the mixture as Hey, you can drink it with a glass of warm milk.

You can also practice a light massage of the chest with sesame oil, daily before bed.

home exercises

There are certain exercises that help a woman to enlarge her breasts naturally, and they are exercises that target the skin and muscle tissue in the chest and its surroundings, including swinging the arm

 clockwise for eight times, and then in the opposite direction for eight more times. This exercise is performed 10 times a day, and it has an important role in breast augmentation. 

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