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My experience with matcha tea for slimming is not to be missed

 My experience with matcha tea for slimming is not to be missed

My experience with matcha tea for slimming cannot be missed. It is amazing with its results, as it not only helped me lose weight, but also contributed to improving many indicators for me, such as

 pressure and sugar. That is why I made sure to prepare it in the right way and to drink it regularly. And because it was successful, I decided not to keep my matcha experience for myself and share it with everyone who wants to lose weight and maintain a healthy body easily.


How to prepare matcha tea

Before I begin to tell the details of my experience with matcha tea, I must mention how to prepare it, which I used from one of the experts.


Half a teaspoon of matcha tea powder that you bought from a specialty store

3 cups of hot drinking water


1 In order to prepare this tea, powder is added to the water in a cup designated for drinking this type of tea.

2 I beat the mixture several times until it became homogeneous with foam on its surface. And so the tea is ready to drink.

My experience with matcha tea

I decided to start this experiment on the advice of a friend of mine who tested the effect of this tea and managed to lose a large number of kilos. And what she did was she kept taking a cup of it twice a

 day. But she added a little lemon juice to it. And because she followed a healthy and balanced diet and gave up harmful fats and sugars, she lost more than 8 kilograms. That is why I decided to

 repeat it myself and added to the daily routine the exercise of 3 to 4 times a week. Over time I started to lose the extra kilos and feel a lot of relief.


Matcha tea benefits

Through my experience with matcha tea, I knew that it has many benefits and that it can help get rid of some health problems. The most important thing is that it does not lead to the consumption of a large number of calories.

It is an important source of effective antioxidants that rid the body of toxins, harmful residues and infections, which contribute to weight loss.

Regular consumption of this tea can stimulate the metabolism and burn fat, especially if it is accompanied by exercise, following a healthy lifestyle and diet, and abandoning harmful habits.

It can be used to regulate blood sugar levels. This is due to the fact that it contains a large amount of fiber, which enhances the feeling of satiety and reduces the desire to eat foods rich in sugar, especially in the period between main meals.

It reduces feelings of stress and fatigue because it prevents the level of cortisol from rising in the blood.

Provides the body with the energy it needs to perform its various functions.

Drinking this tea on a regular basis can protect the health of the liver and reduce the risk of cirrhosis.

Enhance brain function and improve the ability to pay attention, focus and memory. This is due to the fact that it contains theanine, which helps alertness, alertness, relaxation, and stress reduction.

Cancer prevention due to the richness of this drink with antioxidants that fight free radicals and catechins.

Protecting the heart from diseases.

Helping maintain dental health because it contains fluoride. For these reasons, I decided to repeat my experience with matcha tea again, as I made sure to drink it without adding sugar to it.


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