Morning exercises to lose weight

Morning exercises to lose weight

To lose weight, you can accompany your healthy lifestyle and healthy nutrition, with an exercise program with a specialist or trainer, until you lose 1500 calories for an hour of exercise, daily.

Regarding the appropriate exercises to burn fat and maintain a healthy and fit body, sports coach Dalia Al Shoman says: “Exercise is not a difficult thing that most people imagine, it is just a simple change in a person’s thinking and the way he deals with his body during the day.

 Your daily exercise begins in the morning, an hour after breakfast, with:

1- Warm-up exercises that help activate the heart muscle.

2- Then we start walking for about a quarter of an hour to increase body temperature and stimulate blood circulation

3- After that, we do the exercises that the body needs, from abdominal exercises to push-up exercises, and moving the muscles of the arms and thighs with simple movements without using weights, just just to keep the blood pumping and the muscle tightening.

4- Then go back to walking for 20 to 30 minutes.

5- End the exercises with stretching movements, which help you relax and elongate the muscle, to protect you from injuries and give you a sense of vigor and vitality.

do you know?

Morning exercises speed up the burn due to the higher metabolism during the day.

In order to maintain a slim body, we recommend an hour of daily exercise or at least 3 times a week.

Walking works to move all the muscles of the body and reduces stress.

Tightening the abdomen while walking increases the burning of more calories. 

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