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Misconceptions about exercise

 Misconceptions about exercise

The constant insistence on practicing sports stems from the benefit that one obtains, and it is the absolute truth that science and specialists agree on. :

Exercises without pain i.e. useless

One of the reasons some people stay away from exercise is the more common belief that “no pain, no benefit”; Some people think that exercises that are not accompanied or followed by severe pain and

 fatigue, the way they are practiced is incorrect or insufficient; This is a misconception, according to professional trainers: “When you feel the first signs of pain, you must stop exercising. The feeling of pain, therefore, the exercises should be enjoyable without feeling pain or boredom, until he keeps doing them.”

Morning exercises on an empty stomach:

Doing exercises on an empty stomach can cause fatigue and thus stop following them and the result in the end burning fewer calories; Indicating that eating before exercise or not, the amount of calories

 that will be burned is the same, and what is recommended is to eat a light meal 10 or 15 minutes before starting the exercises; Here comes the importance of starches because they are the best source of

 energy, you can eat a banana or a small slice of toast, you will feel better, and you will enjoy your exercises and finish them completely, and this will push you to burn more calories than exercising on an empty stomach.

Weight lifting exercises any huge muscles

The popular belief that weight training shows women as professional bodybuilders frightens thousands of women and keeps them away from this type of useful exercise; There is no scientific evidence to support this argument.

Physiologically, compared to women, men have a higher percentage of muscles in their bodies, and this is coupled with men's hormones, which makes their muscles inflate with weights exercises; As for

 women, they have more fat and less muscle. Exercising with weights results in stronger muscles and a tighter body, which helps in burning the accumulated fat and helps reduce the incidence of osteoporosis.


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