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Memory exercises

Memory exercises

If you suffer from forgetfulness... Exercises to activate memory... Speak on the tip of your tongue but you cannot pronounce it; Because you don't remember, you hit your forehead with your hand;

 Because you remembered an important date too late, you turn around to forget the glasses, forgetting the small important details turns your life into a cycle of big problems that may destroy your

 nerves and your beauty. There is no solution but to strengthen memory and simple and easy exercises to expel forgetfulness from your daily life.

Name: You may find it difficult to remember names, especially the names of your friends, and be very surprised; Because he has been the focus of all the conversations with you over the past weeks, and

 that happens when you are busy with other things that are in the subconscious area, and it is easy to forget the names when the owner is out of his usual context, as it happens when you meet an old

 classmate on the metro, and the treatment of such cases depends on Trying to repeat the names of the new acquaintances during the conversation with them, and trying to link the name with a specific feature that the eye’s memory does not forget.

Habituation: You have no doubt heard about the one who asks everyone about the glasses while she is above her eyes. Have you tried forgetting the wallet, which is in your bag?

Psychologist Amira Habrer says: It is recommended to allocate a small place next to the apartment to be used to put your mobile phone, notepads and all the small things you need; In order for them

 to be easy to pick up, while you are going out of the apartment, as for the keys, a chain must be assigned to them, and the important thing is to get used to; So that the movement becomes automatic without a long search.

Sequence of events: Your memory may become so impaired that you forget what happened last night. It is advisable to try to repeat what you did last night; Because if you succeed in putting yourself in the

 context of last night, it will be easier for you to remember the sequence of events. For example, if something happened in a certain room, your presence in the room will help you remember what happened. 


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