Massage the sponge and the moisturizing cream to blow up the fat... this is how you do it

Massage the sponge and the moisturizing cream to blow up the fat... this is how you do it

To sculpt the body and break up the fat that accumulates in different areas of it, very easy recipes and tricks can be used. Including, in addition to a healthy diet and exercise, body massage with a sponge and moisturizing cream. It only takes a few minutes, but it is very effective and useful.

Sponge Massage and Moisturizing Cream to Burn Fat

If you suffer from the accumulation of fat in different areas of your body and you exercise and follow a diet to lose weight, you can enhance the effectiveness of this program by adopting a sponge massage method and moisturizing cream.

For this you have to provide: a moisturizing cream, a medicinal liquid for disinfecting and disinfecting wounds, a very soft sponge. Then you should do these quick and easy steps:

Clean the area of ​​fat accumulation such as the arms, flanks, abdomen or thighs with a medical liquid designed to sterilize and disinfect wounds. So wet a piece of cotton with the liquid and pass it on the area several times gently.

Use a soft sponge to massage the area in circular motions in a clockwise direction for 10 to 15 minutes. Then apply a little moisturizing cream, preferably thin. Massage the skin a little in

 circular motions as well and leave it on it for a maximum of 15 minutes. In order to tighten the skin of this area and strengthen its muscles, pat it continuously for 20 minutes.

Finish this massage by washing the area with warm water for a few minutes before repeating it with cold water. It is helpful to apply this method from time to time. It helps you to get a consistent body by

 burning the extra fat. But at the same time make sure to eat healthy food and do not forget to exercise at least 3 times a week. 


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