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Lose weight with warm water and bananas in record time

 Lose weight with warm water and bananas in record time

Have you ever heard about the importance and benefits of losing weight with warm water and bananas in record time? You certainly know that bananas have many health benefits and that drinking water is also very necessary to lose weight. 

Now you can combine warm water and bananas so that you can use them in a way that helps you lose weight. What are the properties of warm water and bananas for weight loss and how to eat them.

Banana benefits for weight loss

Banana is not only a nutritious fruit rich in necessary minerals and vitamins, but also has many other healthy properties.

Bananas facilitate the digestion of food in a quick time, and prevent the accumulation of fat in the body.

Bananas create a feeling of satiety, because they contain a large proportion of starch, which makes the person feel full. Bananas help

 the body secrete cholestoinin, especially when eaten at breakfast, as it sends signals to the nervous system to feel full, which reduces the desire to eat.

Benefits of warm water for weight loss

There are many benefits of drinking warm water for weight loss, including:

Promote digestion

One of the benefits of drinking warm water is that it enhances the digestion process, as drinking warm water before breakfast improves

 the digestion of breakfast food and its fat content better than drinking cold water, which reduces the possibility of flatulence, gas or stomach acid.

Detoxing the body

Expulsion of toxins from the body is one of the benefits of drinking warm water, as drinking warm water raises the body temperature, which increases the amount of sweating, which helps to increase the

 elimination of toxins in the body by sweating from the pores of the skin, and drinking warm water works To clean the pores of the skin.

Stimulate blood circulation

Warm water dissolves fat and toxins particles in the body and dilates arteries and veins, allowing blood to flow more smoothly in the body.

Helping lose weight

Warm water raises the body temperature and raises the metabolic rate, thus increasing the rate of burning calories and losing weight, in addition to stimulating the kidneys to work better.

Ways to lose weight with warm water and banana

It is necessary to consult a doctor to develop a healthy and sound nutritional plan and determine the necessary needs of bananas and warm water.

In the morning

Two bananas and two cups of warm water, immediately upon waking up and before eating breakfast.

during the day

Eating desirable healthy foods, away from consuming sweets, sweets and saturated fats, provided that the last meal is at six in the evening, with abstaining from eating after that.

 To enhance the work of the digestive system, drink plenty of water during the day, as before each meal, which prevents water retention and fat accumulation in the body.


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