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Lose weight in the shortest period of time with the 6-sheet diet

Lose weight in the shortest period of time with the 6-sheet diet

For many people, losing weight means following a strict diet, depriving them of eating many types of food, and not stopping exercising. But it is possible to regain fitness and blow up fat without

 it. For this, it is sufficient to adopt a healthy and balanced diet and apply it in a correct manner in order to lose weight for a long time. So it is recommended to try the quick and effective 6 leaf diet.

How to lose weight with the 6 leaf diet

The need to lose weight usually appears after the end of the winter season and the period of vacations and holidays. In this case, diets are sought that contribute to obtaining quick results. One of the most

 prominent of these diets is the 6-leaf or 6-petal diet. To follow it and burn fat effectively, you must focus on implementing a program that includes eating one type of food every day for 6 days. This method not only helps to lose weight, but also to maintain fitness for a long time.

How to lose weight by applying the 6-sheet diet

In order to lose weight in a healthy way and without regaining the extra kilos at a later time, you must be careful to follow this diet without any violation of the rules.

Lose weight in 6 days

First day

 It is Fish Day, during which you should eat only 500 grams of fish grilled in the oven or cooked with steam, without adding any fatty

 substances. And in the interval between meals, it is allowed to drink green tea, fish broth and water. It is recommended to practice aerobic exercises with going up and down stairs.

the second day

To follow the weight loss program through the 6-leaf diet, the menu for the second day should be limited to one and a half kilograms of vegetables. It can be eaten fresh, steamed or in the form of soup with

 spices, herbs and a very small amount of salt. But it is forbidden to add any kind of materials rich in fats such as butter, ghee and oil. In between meals, you can drink green tea, fresh vegetable juice and water. It is helpful to practice relaxation exercises such as yoga and stretching. 

the third day

Today's program includes eating 500 g of grilled, skinless chicken with a pinch of salt. During which it is allowed to drink chicken broth, green tea and water in the period between meals. The exercises that are recommended to be practiced are brisk walking, swimming and jogging.

the fourth day

It is the day of wheat grains, wholemeal bread, rye and rice, provided that the amount eaten does not exceed 200 g. Meals can be supplemented by drinking herbal extracts, green tea and water. It is

 also recommended to practice aerobic exercises and dance. It enhances the effectiveness of this diet and the process of losing weight, burning fat and sculpting the body.

The fifth day

Milk products are the main category that can be eaten on this day. The list includes cheese, natural yogurt, and others... provided that

 the amount consumed does not exceed 500 g. It is allowed to drink milk, green tea and water in the intervals between the main meals. The appropriate exercises are Pilates.

the sixth day

On the last day of the Six-Way Diet program, which helps to lose excess weight quickly, you should eat 1.5 kilograms of fruits such as red apples, bananas, oranges, grapes, kiwi and pineapple, along with

 drinking fruit juice, vegetable tea and water in the intervals between meals. In order to stimulate fat burning and weight loss, walking should be practiced. 


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