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Lose weight in a few days with the five diet

 Lose weight in a few days with the five diet

It is possible to lose weight and regain fitness in various ways, the most important of which is to rely on a healthy and balanced diet and give up bad lifestyle habits while exercising at least three times a

 week. It is also possible to follow some fast diets that stimulate the process of burning fat and contribute to body sculpting. Including the five diet, which can be applied in five weeks, and which includes very easy rules.

Five diet weight loss

In order to lose weight and get the perfect body, I followed this diet, which was invented by Harley Pasternak, some of the world famous

 stars. It is based on the number five. During its adoption, a number of easy rules can be followed, knowing that it has a number of advantages.

    • It is possible to eat any type of food without exaggeration.

    • You can eat a little sweet every now and then.

    • This diet helps to feel comfortable, meaning that it can be followed without annoying side effects and without feeling deprived.

  Five diet rules for weight loss

Following this diet, which helps to regain fitness without feeling deprived, is based on the rule of five.

    • This diet must be followed for five weeks. It is possible to start noticing the result after 35 days.

    • On diet days, it is necessary to eat five meals a day, ie consuming food gradually. It includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks. Thus, you will not feel hungry in the period between meals, which will prevent weight gain.

    • In order to be able to blow up the fat that accumulates in the different areas of the body, it is important that each meal includes five ingredients and dishes, each of which can be prepared in a

 period not exceeding five minutes. These ingredients include proteins, i.e. lean meat, fish and seafood necessary for building muscle, complex carbohydrates such as breakfast cereals, fibers that

 constitute an essential component of vegetables and fruits, in addition to easily digestible fats that make up essential oils such as corn oil and olive oil, as well as sugar-free drinks.

    • You must exercise for at least 25 minutes a day. In this case, short sessions of 5 minutes each can be done. It is recommended, for example, to walk, then practice cycling, jumping rope, fast dancing, and jogging.

    • After five weeks of following the diet, you must take a break for five days.

    • In order not to feel deprived, it is better to eat a few sweets during the diet period, provided that their components are as close as possible to health standards.

An example of the five diet to lose weight

breakfast. A plate of frittata with tomatoes, a cup of green tea or sugar-free coffee.

Snack. A fruit salad bowl can contain kiwi, orange and apple, a cup of sugar-free tea.

the lunch. A plate of mushroom risotto, a plate of vegetable salad with a little olive oil, an apple and a cup of tea without sugar.

Snack. A slice of low-fat cheese with a slice of rye bread or grilled chicken and a cup of herbal extract.

dinner. Steamed beans with a vegetable salad containing cucumber, capsicum and fresh herbs.

In this case, the goal of losing weight and getting a slim figure can be achieved easily and without feeling any discomfort.


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