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Lip lift...methods and exercises

 Lip lift...methods and exercises

There is no doubt that face-lift exercises contribute to obtaining tight, pink and less wrinkled skin, away from surgeries. Gentle massaging strokes can stimulate blood flow and relieve drooping corners of the mouth.

All you have to do is follow simple facial exercises, recommended by experts, that take several minutes a day. What's more, if you follow the program of exercises to lift the lips by massaging them permanently, you will see a noticeable improvement in just six days.

 lip lift

Its benefit: the corners of the nose sag with age. This exercise tightens her.

Method: Press your lips together, then pull the corners of your mouth inward tightly. Stay in this position and pat your index finger on the corners of your mouth. Move your fingers up and down at the

 corners of the mouth, as you visualize the corners of your mouth moving up and down, until you feel a burning sensation in the muscles of any of the sides of the mouth. Hit your index finger up

 and down quickly for 40 seconds, to increase the feeling of burning, so that you exercise the muscles to their fullest. At the end of the exercise, keep your lips together and blow through them, making sure that your lips vibrate to release pressure.

puffing lips

What it does: Makes the mouth appear fuller, younger and more flexible, without the use of expensive fillers.

Method: Curl your upper lip and press it upwards on the gums. Keep it in place, using your index finger, then tap the center of your upper lip with your other index finger. Imagine squashing a ball in the

 middle of the lips, slowly pulling your finger away each time. And when you start to feel burning, rub your lips, using 20 quick circular motions. Now repeat this exercise, but use your thumb and forefinger

 to press and relax both sides of the mouth at the same time. And when you feel the burning in the corners of the mouth, do 20 quick circles on the two areas, using your index finger and thumb.

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