Learn about the latest trend in the world of exercises to sculpt the body

Learn about the latest trend in the world of exercises to sculpt the body

Battle Rope is the latest trend in the field of exercise to slim the arms, burn fat and build muscle, you should try to do the battle rope exercise, which is an incredibly challenging exercise, which is done using long and heavy strands of rope.

This is a powerful and challenging exercise that increases your heart rate and works all the muscles in your upper body. Ropes come in different lengths and thicknesses, and can be easily tied around a pole, and can be done at home or at the gym.

These exercises work for each arm separately and for the abdominal and back muscles, and you can also follow your lower body, it also builds the muscles in your shoulders and in this way, you can target your upper and lower body in one go.

How does a battle rope workout burn fat

The exercise is fast and intense, it will help to burn between 300 to 350 calories in half an hour. Not only does it burn calories, it keeps your metabolism going for up to 36 hours after you finish your workout. This means that you will burn fat while you sleep and work out the next day.

 Alternating waves is one of the most popular battle rope exercises. Hold the end of the rope in each hand, bend your knees slightly, and tighten your shoulders again. Then lift your arms up to create a wave-like motion and as you bring the rope down, bring the opposite arm up. 


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