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Laughing causes the appearance of wrinkles or not?

 Laughing causes the appearance of wrinkles or not?

You may ask yourself many questions, including those related to the relationship between the act of smiling and the appearance of wrinkles on the skin of your face. What is the secret of this

 relationship? Is smiling really one of the reasons that lead to the occurrence of those annoying lines? Is it contributing to her disappearance? Confused now? There is no need for this. Below you will get some answers.

Important facts

It is important and useful to know the following fact: Whenever you express an emotion with your face, those small muscles under his skin move and stretch, forming vertical lines. For example, when

 you raise your eyebrows, the muscles of your forehead stretch upward, causing horizontal lines to appear. And what happens when you smile? Here is the answer:

Your lip muscles extend toward your ears.

Two vertical lines form at the corners of your lips.

If you are still young, this means that your skin is resilient and produces significant amounts of collagen. So, when your muscles return to their previous position, the lines disappear.

However, with the passage of time, this skin becomes more fragile and loses the fat that provides its elasticity, and some of its muscles atrophy. In this case, the lines that are formed by smiling need some time to disappear until they become permanent, so we call them: wrinkles.

Not to smile?!

Of course, you do not have to stop smiling, as some stars do for fear of wrinkles on their faces. When you refrain from showing this expression on your face, it means that you are depriving yourself of

 experiencing beautiful feelings. Yes, smiling may generate positive feelings in you. Also, when you smile, you create an atmosphere of joy in your surroundings. And here's more: If you want to avoid the

 appearance of wrinkles on your face, it is necessary to stop expressing anything with it, that is, to appear free of feeling and indifferent. And you don't want that. What is the solution?

Useful exercises

So, keep smiling, but, on the other hand, do some exercises for the muscles of your face that may reduce the appearance of wrinkles on his skin:

The first exercise: raise your eyebrows, as much as you can, up and maintain this position for 5 seconds.

The second exercise: open your mouth as much as you can, stick out your tongue and maintain this position for a few seconds.

The third exercise: move your nose, as much as you can, in both directions.

Fourth exercise: raise your eyebrows, open your eyes, then lower your eyebrows and raise them consecutively.

Fifth exercise: Draw the letter O with your lips, then smile and repeat this process several times.

Remember that these exercises help the muscles of your face maintain their elasticity and contribute to reducing the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. And don't forget: Smile!


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