Know the right time to exercise.. and 5 benefits of exercising

 Know the right time to exercise.. and 5 benefits of exercising

.. Know the right time to perform aerobic exercise .. and 5 benefits of exercising, and now to the details:

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Sports is one of the important basics for many people, due to its multiple benefits to health and the body, and its role in improving the mood. .

It determines the appropriate time to exercise according to the purpose that individuals desire to perform it, but in general, “Hun” offers the best appropriate times for exercise, according to the “Health Line” website as follows:

In the morning

The best time to exercise is in the early morning, and before eating breakfast, but it is necessary to take care to drink drinks and juices in addition to water during practice, to avoid fatigue or fainting.

Exercising in the morning helps burn more calories, so if your goal is to lose weight, this timing will help you easily lose extra pounds.


Since the body temperature increases in the afternoon, which helps the body to be more prepared as well as improve muscle strength at that time, because the body's reactions are in the most condition, and

 the level of blood pressure, heart rate is at a lower level, and therefore it is appropriate To prevent the chances of injury while performing exercises.

Benefits of exercising

Here are the benefits of exercise in the following lines:

- Helps improve people's mood and avoid depression.

Supports the weight loss process.

Supports muscle health, in addition to strengthening bones.

It reduces the risk of some chronic diseases.

Supports skin health and memory, and helps improve people's activity status.

Helps to relax and sleep well.

Supports a healthy immune system.

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