Kim Kardashian gives you 11 secrets about her slim waist

Kim Kardashian gives you 11 secrets about her slim waist

Because it is a symbol of femininity, grace and elegance, it must be taken care of and preserved. A slim waist is the goal that every

 woman seeks to achieve, bearing in mind the images of many stars and world famous people who have a graceful body and a sculpted waist. Confident to refill.

Try high waist designs

High Waist, especially jump suits, pants and skirts that start from the top of the waist, increasing your height and giving your waist a size less than its true size. The waist can be decorated with a belt that fits the whole look.

wear high heels

High heels are an important part of appearing with a slender body, and it is Kim's favorite, not only but for all women, especially since the designs of the new season offer you wide options and an endless assortment in terms of leather, colors and models that enhance your height and give an illusion of a slim waist.

rubber materials

Kim loves designs from jerseys and bandages. Dresses made of elastic fabrics are suitable at all times, whether in the day or in the evening. They help define the waist, especially those colored in

 beautiful gradations and with details around the waist such as soft pleats to keep away from the wide waist and suggest that it is less in size than it actually is. .

Detailed wide belts

One of Kim's favorite tricks is the belts, which are rich in details and completely distract from the wide waist. Try adding an accessory

 around your waist, wide belts, silk and leather ties around the waist and always choose the colors that greatly enhance the beauty of your waist and make it more attractive and attractive.

Prepare to change your diet

Care must be taken not to gain any weight gain, but rather to reduce it as much as possible by organizing a healthy diet in which you reduce the number of calories consumed, such as adding whole

 grains to the chosen diet.. You must also get used to drinking water before breakfast and before all meals The other is to always feel full, so you are satisfied with small amounts of food.

Eat healthy fats

Studies have shown that eating an amount of nuts such as walnuts, avocado or even chocolate can help you accelerate the burning of belly fat, and this is what the star Kim believes.

Avoid soft drinks

Simply because it is full of artificial sweeteners that show flatulence instantly and quickly, so Kim avoids this type of drink.

Get used to doing sports

If you really want to slim your waist, you should focus on exercise as the basis of your daily program. Try cardio, which is the best type of exercise to burn calories. Focus on running, jumping, cycling and

 brisk walking, which are among the most important sports that Kim does to lose weight and control its increase.

Choose dresses that are fitted around the waist

This type of dresses gives you striking beauty, whatever your weight or body shape, and it's Kim's favorite story.

Avoid low-waisted pants

Kim does not like this type of pants very much, as it shows the body inconsistent and highlights flatulence, stay away from it.

Have a corset

Kim does not dispense with the corset in most of her looks, as the least known is that it is a great waistline and helps to maintain its beauty, as well as giving you a sexy look that is more feminine and attractive. 


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