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Kegel exercises to improve your sex life

 Kegel exercises to improve your sex life

Kegel exercises have many benefits if practiced daily as they help prevent pelvic floor problems, including fecal incontinence, and improve your sex life as well.

The "Kegel muscles" are the muscles of the pelvic floor, which support the uterus, bladder, rectum and small intestine. More important than this is learning to isolate or identify the Kegel muscles and to get them working every day. Men can also strengthen their pelvic floor muscles using certain exercises.

 Tips for doing Kegel exercises.

1- Determine the pelvic muscles by stopping the flow of urine when urinating

Before doing Kegel exercises, it is essential to know which muscles to exercise. They are the muscles that make up the pelvic floor. The most common way to determine it is to try to stop the flow of urine

 while urinating. This contraction is the basic movement of the Kegel exercise. Relax the muscles and allow the urine to flow, and you will know where these muscles are located. If you have medical problems that may prevent you from exercising safely, check with your doctor first.

However, do not stop the flow of urine every day to do Kegel exercises. Doing these exercises while urinating may actually have the opposite effect and weaken the pelvic muscles.

Make sure to empty your bladder before beginning Kegel exercises. This is very important, as doing these exercises with a full or partially full bladder may make you feel pain and may leak urine. Empty your bladder before you start exercising.


2- Focus only on contracting the pelvic muscles

Kegel exercises should focus only on these muscles. For best results, avoid contracting other muscles, such as the buttocks, thighs or

 abdomen. To increase your concentration and the effectiveness of the movements, make sure to breathe well during the exercises, rather than holding your breath. This helps you relax and exercise better.

To keep the muscles relaxed, place one hand on your stomach to make sure your stomach isn't cramped or tight.

If you feel a dull ache in your back or abdomen after completing Kegel exercises, it's because you haven't been doing them properly.


3- Take a comfortable position

You can do these exercises while sitting in a chair or lying on the floor. Make sure that the muscles in your abdomen and buttocks are relaxed. If you are lying down, you should be on your back with

 your arms along your body and your knees facing up next to each other. Keep your head on the ground to avoid hurting your neck.

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