Japanese Tabata exercises for women and their benefits in losing weight

 Japanese Tabata exercises for women and their benefits in losing weight

Have you ever heard of Japanese Tabata exercises for women and its benefits in losing weight? In this article, we will explain to you the importance of Tabata exercises, which are somewhat new.

Tabata was invented by Japanese Izumi Tabata in 1996, as a method of training skaters for the Olympic Games.

 Japanese Tabata exercises are distinguished from the rest of the exercise regimes in that they are several exercises that anyone can

 perform with determining the appropriate period of time in which the body can withstand the effort of these exercises.

Japanese Tabata exercises for women

So, Tabata exercises depend on doing intense, quick and repetitive exercises in a short time and taking quick rest intervals between these exercises. 

The Tabata program consists of intense training for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds, until you finish 8 sets of exercises. Push yourself until 20 seconds have passed, then rest to finish the sets in 4 minutes.

Benefits of Tabata exercises

Tabata exercises contribute significantly to burning fat and losing weight, by increasing the metabolic rate, as it raises the metabolic rate about 15 times from the basic rate in the body, when doing these

 intense exercises on a regular basis, the amount of energy that the body burns during rest and thus increases The higher the rate of burning energy, the higher the rate of burning fat in the body.

Also, Tabata exercises give you the ability to consume the largest amount of oxygen when exercising, known as aerobic capacity, and these exercises also cause the maximum energy produced by the

 body in the absence of oxygen by burning carbohydrates, known as anaerobic capacity, which provides a significant increase in stamina.

In addition to these benefits, Tabata exercises improve the cardiovascular system and increase flexibility, flexibility and physical fitness of the body.

Tabata exercises for women

The following Tabata exercises program and can be repeated or switched between them as desired

Warm-up: It is fixed before doing any type of exercise in the Tabata program.

Light jump in place

Slow jogging in place

Brisk walking


skipping rope


Abdominal exercises


Carrying light weights with switch

At the beginning of the Tabata exercise regime, it is recommended that the total daily exercise be no more than 8 minutes, and gradually increase until it reaches 20 minutes.

 If you are a beginner in sports and your body is not used to intense exercises, reduce the training time to 15 seconds for each exercise

 and increase the rest time, to 15 seconds in the first weeks. There is a 20-second rest between each exercise session.

Tabata exercises are practiced five days a week, with results starting to appear after the first week.

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