Is your skin a teenager? Five easy and sure solutions.

Is your skin a teenager? Five easy and sure solutions.

Do you suffer from tired and exhausted skin from make-up and cosmetics? Why not give her a chance to regain her freshness and vitality with these quick and easy tips.

1- Regular skin cleansing

Make sure to clean your skin in the morning and evening regularly, using the appropriate cleanser for your skin type, in order to get rid of all the dirt stuck on it and remove the remnants of oils that accumulate in the depths of the pores.

2- The importance of exfoliation

You have to exfoliate the face and the entire body in order to get rid of the layers of dead skin, to restore the body's activity and stimulate blood circulation.

Do this step once a week, using homemade masks such as a mixture of coarse brown sugar with coconut oil and honey, or rice powder or almonds with almond oil, as they are natural peeling masks for the entire skin of the body.

3- Reduce your salt intake as much as possible

Are you aware of the dangers of the salts that you take on a daily basis in your meals? They are toxins that cause fluid retention throughout the body, especially under the eyes, so they look swollen

 and tired, which leads to dry skin later, so doctors advise the importance of reducing salt intake to maintain the health of the skin and the entire body and its vital functions.

4- For anyone who suffers from puffy eyes, use cucumber slices, potatoes, tea bags and ice cubes on your eyes for 5 minutes and lie on your back. You will notice its immediate power in eliminating the effects of fatigue and puffiness around this delicate and delicate area.

5- Relaxation and meditation exercises

Sleep is one of the basics of maintaining the health of the body and skin, as lack of sleep leads to a tired and pale appearance of the skin. So make sure to practice relaxation and meditation exercises in the

 open air and in still places, prepare the bedroom with an atmosphere that allows you to sleep deeply and surrender to deep dreams. 

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