Is it possible to exercise after receiving the corona virus vaccine?

 Is it possible to exercise after receiving the corona virus vaccine?

The Corona virus vaccine has become the talk of the hour as the percentage of people who have received the Corona virus vaccine increases in a large number of countries in the world, as health

 officials hope to vaccinate a sufficient number of the population of each country and achieve herd immunity to slow and gradually eliminate the cycle of the spread of the Corona virus.

With the spread of the Corona virus vaccine, there are many questions that people who will receive it ask, including whether it is possible to exercise after the vaccine.

In the next report, we will discuss whether or not it is safe to exercise after receiving the coronavirus vaccine.

Exercising after the corona virus vaccine

The coronavirus vaccine may have some normal side effects such as fever, fatigue and headache after vaccination, but there is not a lot of

 research data available to determine the effect of vaccines on exercise performance or physical activities.

Doctors are encouraged to avoid exercising on the day of the vaccination so that the vaccinator, in case of any reaction, can not

 confuse the minor side effects associated with the Corona virus vaccines with the complications of strenuous exercise.

Therefore, it is possible to return to exercising in a normal way the next day, if the person feels energetic and has no side effects.

Thus, public health experts advise not to exercise if you experience some side effects such as nausea, arm swelling, muscle aches, fatigue

 or headache, to rest for a day or two, and to replace some basic exercises with simple exercises if the symptoms are manageable.

Avoid strenuous exercise on vaccination day

According to the infectious disease doctor at Denver Health, there is nothing dangerous about exercising after getting the coronavirus vaccine.

Wiles added, however, that some people will experience some common side effects associated with Corona vaccines, so he advised to postpone strenuous and difficult exercise that requires great

 physical efforts for another day after taking the vaccine, while he considered that light exercise is a sound and even good idea.

Exercising increases the effectiveness of the Corona virus vaccine

In the same context, a study published in the “Sports Medicine” magazine revealed that regular exercise increases the effectiveness of corona vaccines by 40% and reduces the risk of infection with the

 virus by 31%, according to what was published by the “Heraldsconland” website.

The study, conducted by researchers from Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland, indicated that exercising 30 minutes a day or 150 minutes a week would strengthen the immune system.

The study advised the need to practice sports activities such as walking, running and cycling, in addition to muscle-strengthening

 exercises, stressing that physical activity "strengthens the first line of defense for the human immune system, specifically immune cells and antibodies."


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