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Intimacy..these are the best times to exercise!

Intimacy..these are the best times to exercise!

A successful intimate relationship between spouses requires an atmosphere far from tension and mood swings. Some husbands may feel bewildered by the wife’s mood swings, especially in terms of

 intimacy? Sometimes she is a generous person who responds to him in all respects, and at other times her coldness is a barrier between your enjoyment of a wonderful intimate night.

Women have times and periods when they are at their best to practice intimacy, so you should take advantage of them so that you and your wife can enjoy a married life filled with harmony and understanding.

after menstruation

Dr. Mohamed Samour, a sexual health consultant at Cairo University, says: “The best time of the month for a woman to communicate sexually with her husband is after the menstrual cycle, when the

 desire peaks a week after the completion of the cycle, or when there is an ideal balance between estrogen and testosterone, and this means She feels feminine and self-confident and that it is at the best times

 of the month for sexual intercourse with her husband, so feed her dark chocolate made of 70% cocoa, as chocolate increases the

 production of dopamine, the chemical related to desire and infatuation, or try cocoa or hot pepper drink that increases desire and ignites it.

spring and summer

Dr. Afaf Ezzat, professor of nutrition at the National Research Center, advises every woman who wants to boost her fertility by eating more meat and fish, eggs, which are a good source of B

 vitamins, and reduce the risk of stress and anxiety, and celery, which contains two types of hormones that attract women, which increases the risk of stress and anxiety. Exciting hormones, vegetables in

 general, and for vegetarians, they can compensate for the lack of ammonia in meat by eating protein-rich foods such as rice and tofu is one of the soybean products.

Dr. Mohamed Samour confirms that the best time for sex is spring and summer because the level of sunlight increases the production of vitamin D necessary for ovulation. A Yale University study found

 that vitamin D can improve fertility and chances of conception, so give her 100 units of vitamin D daily or 200 Alone, if she does not like exposure to the sun, or can go for a jog or walk, exercise is a natural way to increase the hormone opamine.


A recent American study recommends the need to exercise, as it helps to stimulate sexual life and increase desire.

The study, conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, reveals that the risk of a decrease in sexual activity for those who exercise is less than that of those who exercise by about 30%, and that exercising for 20 minutes gives a similar effect, and thus a better sex life. 


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