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Including the wall push-up..Exercises that help burn arm fat

 Including the wall push-up..Exercises that help burn arm fat

Some women suffer from flabby arms, due to several reasons, including increased fat in this area, hormonal changes, lack of exercise, and other reasons, and there are exercises that help burn arm muscle fat.

Arm muscle exercises

Wall press

 Wall push-ups help target the muscles in the upper body, especially the muscles in the arms, shoulders and chest.

Front Weight Lifting

 Frontal weightlifting mainly targets the front of the shoulders.

Triceps workout

 The triceps is an upper body strengthening exercise that targets muscles such as the triceps, pectorals and rhomboids in the back.

Extension of the upper triceps

 The triceps extension with dumbbells targets the back of the upper arm. Targeting this muscle group helps tone and strengthen the arms.

traditional push-up

 The push-up is a bodyweight exercise but works all the major muscles in the body, including the arms. It works the triceps muscle and can help eliminate arm cramps.

Causes of sagging arms


old age

It is normal for the hands to sag with age, as fat tissue weakens and muscle mass decreases, as well as the ability to burn fat, and thus become more prone to sagging.

hormonal changes

Also, in different stages of life, it can lead to sagging hands, because the metabolism process is disturbed, and the chances of weight gain and the appearance of obesity and flabbiness increase.

Lack of exercise

It is one of the main reasons for the appearance of flabbiness in various parts of the body, accumulating fat and appearing unpleasant.

Rapid weight loss

With a lack of exercise and a healthy diet to lose weight, sagging skin occurs in various areas of the body.


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