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Important tips to strengthen the child's bones

 Important tips to strengthen the child's bones

What some people do not know is that one of the causes of osteoporosis in old age is due to the childhood stage and poor care for it at this stage. Bones along with natural milk in its early stages and nutrition with age.

To strengthen your child's bones, follow these doctors' advice:

-Playing sports

Exercising plays an important role in stimulating blood circulation, strengthening bones and muscle growth in children. It is necessary to

 encourage the child to practice different types of sports from an early age, such as walking, running, football, fitness exercises, and others....

Eat milk and green leafy vegetables

The importance of eating leafy vegetables at this stage of life is doubled because they are rich in calcium, such as cabbage and cabbage, to obtain strong teeth and bones, protect against the risk of

 arthritis, and prevent fractures as a result of cabbage containing vitamin K. While milk works to build the muscles of the body in a healthy manner because it contains high percentages It is an important protein for the body.

- exposure to sunlight

It stimulates the body to produce vitamin D, which protects the child from osteoporosis, bow legs or even rickets, but the morning period is chosen to benefit more from the rays.

- Avoid soft drinks

Calcium is absorbed by the phosphorous in these drinks, and the preservatives added to them cause tooth decay and bone fragility.


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