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Important tips about practicing intimacy in Ramadan

 Important tips about practicing intimacy in Ramadan

A recent Scottish study indicated that the practice of intimacy may lead to the body losing a large amount of water, with the health problems that may result, most notably headaches, lethargy and loss

 of energy. So, you must pay attention and take some necessary steps if you want to do this relationship during the month of Ramadan. Why? To stay hydrated and not face any kind of bad health experiences.

Why does your body lose its moisture?

Yes, why does your body lose its moisture when you have sex? Because it interacts with this process as it does when you do cardio exercises, where some symptoms appear, such as: rapid heart

 rate, increased frequency of breathing, sweating... The results of a recent scientific study found that 30 minutes of intimacy is equivalent to jogging for a distance of 5 kilometers, or An intense fitness session, which means you lose about 360 calories.

And to know that the loss of water equivalent to 2% of your body mass, or about 1.4 liters per 70 kilograms, causes you to lose your physical energy and may affect your mental abilities, especially those

 related to concentration. Despite this, you do not feel thirsty and do not crave to drink water after the end of the intimate relationship. Also, reaching a certain degree of dehydration may cause your blood

 level to drop and the volume of water in your cells to drop. The result? Disruption of the functions of these cells. So, how can you do that relationship during the evening without losing a large amount of water?

Relationship during fasting days

On long fasting days, you only drink water in the evening, that is, about one to two hours after breakfast, which means that this is your

 only chance to provide your organs and cells with the moisture they need to perform their functions. In this case, and especially if you want to practice intimacy, it is useful to apply these steps:

Start your breakfast with a drink of water or a cup of plant extract such as green tea. This helps your body regain its vitality within a short time and reduces your desire to eat a large amount of food, which is a very important factor for intimacy that may hinder your feeling of fullness.

It is not useful to drink a large amount of water at once after breakfast, but it is better to do it in batches and in small quantities, that is, have a glass of water every 20 minutes.

- Refrain from consuming diuretic fluids such as coffee and others in case you want to have sex.

Let your table contain water-rich ingredients such as soup, fruits, vegetables and yogurt. In order not to suffer from thirst and fatigue, avoid consuming foods rich in fats, sugars and salt, that is, those that require a long time to be digested and therefore require a large amount of water.


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