Important hair care tips after exercising

 Important hair care tips after exercising

Despite the many benefits of sport, at the same time it may cause some harm, especially in the event of non-compliance with some rules. Hair is one of the areas in the body that can cause some

 problems as a result of sweating as a result of exercising, in addition to the accumulation of oily secretions, which causes damage.

How do you feel about your hair after exercising?

1- Using starch powder instead of shampoo: Massage your hair with a little starch, then remove the excess, then brush it. The starch contributes to getting rid of the sebum deposited on the scalp. It can be replaced with baking soda or baby powder, according to what you have.

2- Use a hair freshener: It is absolutely impossible to control the unwanted odors emitted from the hair, so let you always have a hair freshener, there are many types of it, some of which act as a hair moisturizer as well, we advise you to use them to get a refreshing scent and ideal hydration for your hair.

3- Choose a suitable hairstyle: You can overcome the greasy appearance of your hair by choosing a suitable hairstyle for it, for example: if you want your hair to remain straight after exercise, style it in soft braids or wrap it in the form of a bun in case you want to get wavy hair .

4- Smoothing curly hair: One of the most common problems that hair faces after exercising is severe frizz. You can treat this problem by applying some drops of any type of light oil such as jojoba oil, then massaging it and combing it with a suitable comb.

5- Installing the bangs: It is preferable when exercising and in order to avoid the sweat that would spoil its appearance, put the bangs back and fix them with pins, and after completing the exercises, untie them and dry them with paper towels to get rid of the sweat.


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