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Ice with milk to tighten the chest and get rid of flabby

Ice with milk to tighten the chest and get rid of flabby

Every woman wishes to have a tight breast free of sagging, and it is known that the tight and beautiful chest is a manifestation of true femininity, and every female is always keen to be in full beauty, especially after pregnancy and breastfeeding, but she is surprised by

 the presence of sagging in some parts of her body, which makes her feel Desperate. And natural recipes that are based on ice help a lot in tightening the chest.

Breast sagging occurs as a result of many reasons, and we cannot be certain that one reason causes sagging, and among the reasons that lead to this.

* Doing strenuous exercise

* Increase in the weight of the breast itself

* Lose weight once


* Enlargement of breasts during pregnancy


* Not wearing an appropriate bra

Al Jamila offers you a new way to get tight, flabby-free breasts using ice cubes with milk, which we will show you how to prepare in the next paragraph.

ice cream ingredients

Half a cup of milk

ice molds

How to make ice cubes with milk

Bring the ice cubes designated for this and put the milk in them, then put them in the freezer until it freezes. Every morning, use a cube of

 milk ice and gently pass it on the outer circumference of the breast, repeating this process daily until you notice the difference, and you get a tight female breast free of sagging. 


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