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How to slim the wide shoulder in a week

 How to slim the wide shoulder in a week

Slimming the broad shoulder through aerobic exercises is one of the most important ways to appear in a decent appearance and a slim and graceful body. 

The exercises target slimming the shoulders, sculpting this area and strengthening its muscles, especially if you want to sway in an open-shoulder dress.

These five exercises are very important and easy to perform at home or in the gym, and you need to use some light weights or dumbbells for them.

What is unique about these exercises is that they will not take more than 5 minutes of your time per day, if you persevere in practicing them regularly to ensure that you get beautiful and tight shoulders.

Broad shoulder slimming exercises

First exercise

Hold dumbbells in your hands, bend your elbows and bring your hands close to your body.

 In the next movement, open your hands while keeping the elbow stable and bend them to the sides at the level of your shoulders, then raise them completely in the air and straight.

second exercise

Stand sideways, lower your head toward the floor, and lower your buttocks back.

 Hold dumbbells in your hands, bring your fists together and point them outward, then extend your arms down in front of you. In the next movement, open your arms aside as the picture shows you, then go back to the first movement and repeat it again.

The third exercise

First stand up straight, then bend your upper body down to the floor a little and bring your butt back, and your knees slightly bent.

Carry some light weights in your hands, bend your elbows at 90 degrees, and bring them towards your chest, then return them behind your back and fully extend them as in the picture.

 Keep the back and head straight during this movement. If you feel tired, you can do the exercise without bending your elbows.

Fourth exercise

Stand straight, and hold the weights in your hands, lower your arms down, then bend your elbows and raise your elbows above your shoulders with your fists under your chin as the picture shows you.

Fifth exercise

Put your hands behind you on the edge of the sofa or any chair or on the floor and lower towards the floor. 

Begin by raising your body up until your butt reaches the height of the sofa, with your hands behind you extended straight.

 Then go down again and gradually towards the ground until you come close to the ground with the elbows bent.


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