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How to maintain weight while on vacation and travel

 How to maintain weight while on vacation and travel

Are you planning a vacation or a business trip soon? Are you afraid of gaining weight while on it?

Some women try to lose weight before traveling for fear of gaining it while traveling. Your life routine will change if you are not able to

 exercise your daily routine and follow your daily diet in its time and quality. But don't worry! Follow these easy steps and enjoy your vacation.

1- Pack healthy snacks such as dried fruits, nuts, 100-calorie meals and small packets of cornflakes, for example. Put a few in your bag if you go out of the hotel, and don't forget that this method saves you money too.

2- Visit new areas by walking instead of ordering a taxi. Doing some movement helps you burn calories so you don't gain more weight. If

 there is a gym in the hotel, try to do 30 minutes of exercise a day if possible, or do it in the hotel room in the morning or evening.

3- The timing of meals is very important. Try not to skip your regular meals or eat a big meal for lunch or dinner, or eat one meal a day but rather eat several small meals during the day. That is why it is important to have snacks with you.

4- Stay away from large dining tables and try to control the amount of food consumed. Most hotels serve buffet for breakfast. Do not forget that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so do not miss it. Instead, choose healthy and avoid fat.

5- You are not required to completely stay away from sweets or high-calorie foods. While traveling, you may want to try new foods, and you can do that, of course, provided you pay attention to the size of the meal.

6- Some restaurants serve big meals. Order half a meal if possible or share it with a friend.


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