How to lose weight 9 kg in 10 days

 How to lose weight 9 kg in 10 days

Before or after any occasion, many women want to lose a few kilos of their weight. And because we are on the verge of celebrating the New Year, here is a way to lose weight 9 kilos in 10 days, so that your figure appears harmonious and your appearance is beautiful.

• In the beginning, it is necessary to follow a healthy and balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables and to drink a lot of juices, such as grape juice, orange and pineapple.

• It is recommended to drink more than 10 glasses of water throughout the day, in addition to warm drinks, such as ginger, green tea, chamomile, mint, as they help to lose weight and burn fat accumulated in the body.

• It is necessary to eat slowly until the body reaches the stage of feeling full.

• The important step in following a method to lose 9 kilos in 10 days, which many women neglect, is to enjoy cooking and eating food, in addition to being aware of choosing items. This step gives a feeling of comfort, which stimulates the body's ability to lose weight.

• Doing exercise, especially cardio exercises, such as jumping rope, jogging or jogging, Zumba or dancing in general, rowing, cycling, walking, swimming, climbing stairs. It is recommended to allocate an hour of time per day to practice any of these types of exercises or more.

• Stay away as much as possible from stress, as psychological pressure doubles the desire to devour food, especially in the evening periods.

Diet to lose weight 9 kg in 10 days



You can diversify between food items during breakfast within the following options.

• ¼ loaf of bread + boiled egg + vegetables.

• ¼ loaf of bread + a piece of white cheese + a tomato.

• A cup of hot milk + one tablespoon of sugar.


You should choose one of these meals:

• Grilled fish + 5 tablespoons of cooked rice + a plate of salad.

• Small fried fish + ½ loaf of bread + a plate of salad.

• A piece of meat + 5 tablespoons of cooked rice + a plate of salad.

• ¼ grilled chicken + ½ loaf of bread + a plate of salad.

• Two boiled eggs + ½ loaf of bread + vegetables.

• A plate of boiled vegetables + a plate of rice.


Choice of breakfast.


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