How to lose 8 kilograms in two weeks with water and cucumber diet

 How to lose 8 kilograms in two weeks with water and cucumber diet

It is possible to lose 8 kilograms in two weeks. That is why it is recommended to follow a diet based on eating water and cucumber as two main ingredients, along with other healthy foods, and to

 exercise regularly on a weekly basis. But it is better not to exaggerate the application of this program because this can lead to suffering from a deficiency in some nutrients and cause some

 diseases and health problems. These are the most prominent rules of the water and cucumber diet to lose 8 kilos in just two weeks.

Dieting rules

In order to lose about 8 kilograms in no more than two weeks, it is important to follow the rules of this diet, which requires eating cucumbers and drinking water during different meals daily.

15 before breakfast. Drink two glasses of lukewarm water. It is useful to add a few drops of lemon juice to it in order to purify the body of toxins and harmful residues.

breakfast. Two boiled egg whites or a small piece of light cheese or a cup of unsweetened milk, a medium-sized plate of washed and chopped cucumbers with the peel.

Snack. A cup of lukewarm water, a handful of raw walnuts or almonds, two cucumbers.

 the lunch. You should drink a glass of lukewarm water 15 minutes before the meal, then you can eat a plate of cucumber

 salad, unsweetened yogurt with a few drops of lemon juice and without salt, a medium-sized piece of toasted bread, a medium-sized piece of grilled fish.

dinner. Two cups of lukewarm water 15 minutes before the meal, a cup of unsweetened yogurt, a plate of cucumber and tomato salad with a light dressing containing olive oil and lemon juice.

It is very useful while following this effective and fast diet to drink at least one and a half to two liters or 8 medium-sized cups of water per day. You can eat a pill of cucumber when feeling hungry at any time of the day.


Benefits of cucumber for weight loss

It is known that cucumbers are an important source of water and that is why it is very useful to eat them, especially when feeling hungry in the period between the main daily meals. It contains a lot of benefits.

Contributes to diuresis, which reduces water retention in the body and prevents annoying bloating.

- Helps rid the body of toxins and harmful waste.

Eating it is one of the factors that protect the health of the kidneys and prevent the formation of stones.

It protects against the risk of thyroid diseases and disorders.

Enhances the production of vitamin C in the body and the absorption of vitamin B2.

It contains few calories and high fibre. That is why it can be eaten at any time, especially as it helps to feel full.

It improves the intestinal transit process, which prevents constipation.

Helps the body fight infections.

Eating cucumber can be an important factor in regulating blood sugar levels.

It is very useful to rely on it if you want to remove fat from the body.

 In order to take advantage of the option well, it can be eaten along with a healthy diet and exercise. Thus, at least 8 kilograms can be

 lost in a short period. It is also recommended to add water to the food because it helps to moisturize the body and to blow up fat, especially those that accumulate in the abdominal area.


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