How to arrange eating times before and after exercise

 How to arrange eating times before and after exercise

Exercise is one of the most important activities that a person undertakes to maintain his health, as it avoids many diseases and

 maintains a healthy external appearance. However, attention should be paid to the quality of foods eaten after exercise, according to the desired goal, whether weight gain or loss.

Al-Jamila Net met with a specialist in clinical nutrition and educator for patients with diabetes, Ghina Khorasan, to tell you how to arrange eating times before and after exercise.

Before exercise:

Do not overeat before exercising, but it is also bad to exercise on an empty stomach. Therefore, eat in moderation and about two hours

 before exercising if it is a main meal, and about an hour before it if it is a light meal. As for the quality of foods, choose those rich in complex carbohydrates for energy along with some protein.

Here are some examples in this regard:

A glass of milk with whole grain flakes or oats.

Green salad with chicken and tuna.

Yogurt with pieces of fruit such as apples, pears or bananas.

Nuts with yoghurt.

During exercise:

The most important thing to do during exercise is to drink water, because it helps you maintain hydration and the balance of salts.

After exercising, the body consumes most of the calories, so what is the appropriate healthy eating for an athlete (after) exercise?

We must first realize that proper healthy eating (after exercise) must contain the following:

Carbohydrates: to replace energy.

Minerals: such as sodium and potassium.

Protein: To replace damaged muscle fibers.

Fluids from water and natural juices: to replace the fluid lost by the athlete through sweat.

You can resort to the following foods:

All kinds of raw vegetables, and you can prepare them in the form of a green salad.

Steamed or grilled vegetables.

Lean red meat.

The fish.

Fruit with peanut butter.

A milk smoothie with oats or fruit with some nuts or peanut butter and honey is an ideal post-sports meal for those who want to gain weight.


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