How long does it take to tighten the body in sports for women?

 How long does it take to tighten the body in sports for women?

The results of body tightening with sports vary from one body to another and the lifestyle followed, in addition to the types of exercise.

Building a tight and harmonious body may yield tangible results if a correct routine is adopted, as exercise alone does not achieve it, but

 must be accompanied by a healthy diet by eating the nutrients the body needs in order to increase muscle building, reduce fat storage and tighten the body.

What are the appropriate types of exercise to tighten the body?

It is recommended to start with light exercises to gradually escalate, such as standing while studying or working instead of sitting, or

 dispensing with the car by walking, and then doing basic exercises such as running, cycling or swimming. It is necessary to maintain these exercises for 3 hours a day for a week or two.

After these exercises, various exercises are practiced, such as rotating the arms, squatting and others..


As for the diet that should accompany body-stretching exercises with sports, it is recommended to eat 6 small meals on a daily basis instead of 3, provided that the time between one meal and another is

 two or three hours. This system contributes to curbing appetite and stimulating metabolic rates, which leads to burning greater amounts of fat. It is also recommended to eat:

• The amount of 45 to 65% of carbohydrates that are naturally available in vegetables, fruits and grains.

• 10 to 35% of the protein naturally found in lean meats and various low-fat dairy products.

• The amount of 20 to 35% of the healthy fats available in olive oil and nuts.

The time required to get the results of body tightening with sports

By following a regular routine of cardiovascular exercise, adding weekly and gradual muscle-building resistance exercises, such as

 strength training twice a week, plus 2.5 hours of moderate and intense exercise combined with a change of regime In a simple way, it contributes to tightening the abdominal area in particular in just a matter of weeks, ranging from 6 to 8 weeks.

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