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How long does it take to burn belly fat

 How long does it take to burn belly fat

Burning belly fat is a complex process and differs from one person to another, depending on the nature of his body and his health condition, knowing that about 90% of the fat accumulated in the

 body is located directly under the skin, and this is known as “subcutaneous fat”, as for fat The rest is located under the abdominal wall and is known as 'visceral fat'.

In addition, burning belly fat is linked to a healthy and physical diet followed to melt body fat in general, not just the abdominal area.

Although the process of burning belly fat appears in less than two weeks from the start of a healthy, balanced diet, this result varies from person to person.

From this point of view, we will know the answer to the question how long does the process of burning belly fat take.

How long does it take to burn belly fat

 There is no specific period for the process of burning belly fat, and getting rid of the accumulated fat around the waist and abdomen is a process linked to the healthy method used to eliminate fats from the whole body.

This means that burning body fat and the abdominal area are two sides of the same coin. A healthy and balanced diet program is used to get rid of the accumulated fat in the body, without exception.

On the other hand, burning belly and body fat in general may require following the following tips

Follow a healthy, balanced diet that is low in calories, because the body converts excess calories into fat that is stored under the skin and between body organs.

Replacing high-calorie drinks with sugar-free and burning drinks, which contributes to burning belly and entire body fat in the fastest time.

Reducing healthy food portions and chewing slowly is one of the quick and safe natural ways to burn belly fat and the fat accumulated throughout the body.

Eating a lot of protein-rich foods, to build lean muscle mass in the body and to speed up the metabolism that stimulates the burning of belly fat in particular.

Doing exercises designed to burn belly fat on a regular basis, as an ideal solution to get a tight abdomen free of harmful fats.

Follow proper healthy habits, to prevent the accumulation of fat in the body and around the abdominal area, especially early sleep and refrain from eating healthy and unhealthy foods directly before bed.


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