How does wrong sleep increase your weight?

 How does wrong sleep increase your weight?

Sleep is an essential component of any weight loss program, as it derives the body from energy that enables it to withstand the diet and exercise that help complete and succeed this program. But sleep

 would reverse this equation and backfire, instead of leading to weight loss, it may cause it to increase if it is in the wrong way. how?

Research has shown that people who deprive themselves of sleep are more likely to get hundreds of extra calories, not only because they stay awake longer, but also because sleep affects hunger levels and hormone balance. Getting enough sleep may give your body more food than it needs.

1- Your sleep is not good.

Sleeping intermittently raises the level of stress, anxiety and tension, and this affects the stomach and enables the abdomen to retain more fat. Let your bedroom have a comfortable climate for at least 20 minutes before bed by turning off all electrical appliances and electronics.

2- You can't sleep before eating a snack:

A piece of candy or ice cream that helps you sleep? Any meal, no matter how light or small, will add thousands of calories, especially before you go to sleep. Have your evening meal well in advance.

3. Do you prefer sleep over sports?

Although doing some exercise, especially in the morning, is one of the healthy things that the body needs, no matter how simple and light they are, you prefer sleeping than doing them, so you hurry to

 turn off the alarm and get additional time for sleep. Avoid everything that hinders a comfortable sleep such as TV, internet, etc... and leave your room only for sleeping.


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