How do you remove the ghost of wrinkles from your skin?

How do you remove the ghost of wrinkles from your skin?

Why does the skin after thirty in some women look old and appear on its surface with wrinkles, while in others it is more youthful? A question that arises in the minds of many, and after scrutiny, we find

 a difference in lifestyles and clear differences in the daily practices of skin care, but what all women should know is that wrinkles are inevitable, but the delay in their appearance is what can be controlled by monitoring the factors that affect It is directly reflected in the appearance of the skin.

the food

Paying attention to the quality of food eaten daily is essential, it must be regular, free of toxins and rich in antioxidants and essential vitamins that support cellular renewal functions and stimulate collagen and raise its levels naturally in the skin.


Water keeps the body hydrated, the skin fresh, its vitality and its youthful appearance, so every woman and girl who wants young and fresh skin should drink an abundant amount of water every day, especially after the age of thirty.

Prevention creams

It is a complementary step to the previous ones. Rich moisturizing creams that provide the necessary protection for the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which cause early wrinkles, must be provided for the skin to receive great care, as well as the appropriate serums and complementary to day creams.


Aerobic exercise allows blood to flow to the brain and to the entire body, including the surface of the skin, as well as to provide sufficient amounts of oxygen to all cells, which stimulates the

 performance of its vital functions to the fullest, unlike the skin that lacks oxygen, which causes its dryness, pallor. And sagging skin, so it is necessary to do some exercise every day for a minimum of 20 minutes in order to get the skin with a young and fresh appearance, especially after over thirty.

Stress and psychological pressure

The pressures of life and surrendering to it reflect negatively on the external appearance, specifically the skin, and to get rid of tension and stress and maintain youth and freshness of the skin, it is

 necessary to practice meditation and yoga exercises that relax the muscles and spend times in the open air and in green spaces, which allows optimism and fun to penetrate the psyche and give it the comfort it needs and is reflected on the skin. 

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