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How do you organize your day to lose weight?

 How do you organize your day to lose weight?

Losing weight is not a step you take and its effect is magical, it requires many decisions and healthy habits that you follow

 throughout your day. We will give you a model for a whole day that explains how to organize it in a healthy way and to be able to lose weight in a healthy and fast way:

Suppose you get up at 6:00 am

Wake up and drink a large glass of water to fill your stomach and relieve flatulence, then eat a small meal that provides you with a

 moderate amount of carbohydrates and a little protein, such as half a banana with some almonds. Now go for sports, this will stimulate the metabolism greatly.

7:00 Eat a good breakfast that contains protein and fiber at least 10 grams of each, and don't be afraid of feeling full after breakfast as long as it's healthy carbohydrates.

8:00 Prepare your lunch early.

9:00 At this time, you should be at work or free to do your housework after your children go to school if you are a housewife. Drink plenty of water to keep your stomach hydrated and keep you from feeling hungry.

10:00 Take a break from what you do or stop working, eat something liquid to fill your stomach, preferably with fiber and less than 150 calories (such as almond smoothies, low-calorie chocolate - muffins from blueberries, lemon, etc.).

11:00 Write down what you've eaten so far, and how much exercise you've done to see how many calories you've got and how many you have left at the end of the day. Keep these notes to compare with others day after day until you reach your healthy goal.

12:00 Move during work hours or at home, and do not spend the break sitting in your office or cafeteria, go out for a walk in one of the nearby shopping centers.

1:00 Eat a healthy lunch you made at home if you're in the office, avoiding fast food and fast food. Include low-fat protein and high-fiber in your diet with fresh vegetables and whole grains, plus fruit for dessert. Also drink water and a healthy, calorie-free drink.

2:00 Walk even for a few minutes in the office. Don't hang out in one place, even if you're in a meeting or making a phone call. Talking on the move burns calories.

3:00 Eat a small meal of 150 calories as before to maintain the energy level in your body until it is time for dinner, and it is okay if it contains some sweets.

4:00 Drink a cup of green tea, the caffeine reduces your appetite and increases your metabolism.

5:00 Try to walk home from work, or do some exercise when you come back on the treadmill or on the bike if you have one, this will also relieve stress from work that may increase your eating rate.

6:00 Prepare a low-calorie dinner rich in vegetables and herbs, with low-fat protein, and whole grains, ideally less than 300 calories.

7:00 Clean your teeth and during these two minutes move your feet with some exercise, as breathing while brushing the teeth with movement will relieve irrational eating at night.

8:00 Relax in front of the TV, and try to do some exercises for the muscles in your body that will help you sleep.

9:00 Get everything you need for the next day, from clothes to gym equipment and more. Put on your pajamas and do some yoga for a few minutes to get rid of the tiredness of the day and to be able to clean it up by breathing.

10:00 It's bedtime, don't skimp on the number of hours, it helps you lose weight better.


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