How do you eliminate hunger between meals?

 How do you eliminate hunger between meals?

Women who start a new diet and decide to lose weight are always exposed to thinking about hunger a lot, and they start sabotaging this system from the beginning, but they have to endure some difficulties

 such as feeling hungry between main meals to achieve record results in a short time, and they can also follow the following tips that may help them endure Feeling hungry between the main meals to achieve great results to get rid of excess weight:

Occupy your time: Make sure that you do not have time to think about food and feel hungry, for example: go to the club to do some exercise, exercising helps reduce the desire to eat, and you can occupy your time with a hobby you prefer and develop your skills.

Water: The importance of water lies in getting rid of excess weight by helping the body burn the fat stored in it, and water helps reduce the feeling of hunger.

Snacks: You can eat a snack of almonds or unsalted popcorn, which has the effect of reducing feelings of hunger, as it does not contain many calories, and it also reduces the feeling of hunger.

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