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How do you benefit from exercise to the fullest extent?

How do you benefit from exercise to the fullest extent?

Many women ask before performing aerobic exercise how to make the most of them to get an ideal, graceful and beautiful body, and burn calories as quickly as possible to feel energetic and energetic?!

 Perhaps the best way to achieve this is to eat the right food at the right time, which we will share with you below to benefit from exercise as best as possible, by presenting the important tips that Al Jamila reveals to you with the recommendations of nutrition and physical education specialists.


What is the importance of proper food before performing exercise?

To have a beautiful and graceful body and maintain it, you must perform exercise regularly, provided that before starting it, you eat healthy food at the appropriate time, in order to burn calories and feel energetic and energetic. The ability to lose weight.

What should you eat before performing the exercises?

Have one of these snacks before you start your workout to turn your body into a "fat burning machine."

* A bowl of oats with ripe fruit

A salad of grilled vegetables with olive oil and lemon

* Eat a fruit with a quarter of a small cup of nuts

What should you eat after exercising?

Eating after exercise gives your body the energy it needs, as it works to strengthen and build muscles, helps maintain metabolism, and is one of the best foods that will benefit you after you finish exercising.

* Eat lean protein

* Eat green salad with one of the following dishes (brown rice - quinoa - oats - tuna)

* Eat grilled and steamed fish. 

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