Home remedies to tighten sagging breasts

Home remedies to tighten sagging breasts

All women want to enjoy tight breasts. The chest loses its elasticity with age. There are also no muscles in the breasts, they are made up of fat and connective tissues and organs for the production of milk. Then you have to take care of them in order to keep them in good shape.


Causes of sagging

Although the chest begins to sag naturally in women over the age of forty, this process may start early in some due to several factors such as pregnancy, lactation, rapid weight loss, menopause, strenuous activity, nutritional deficiency and wearing a poor-quality bra.

Certain diseases, such as a tumor in the chest or tuberculosis, may also lead to sagging breasts. In addition, excessive consumption of nicotine and soft drinks may exacerbate this problem.

There are many creams on the market to tighten and smooth sagging breasts. However, the results are rarely satisfactory, and we suggest that you try some simple home remedies.

olive oil

Massage the chest with olive oil, as it is an excellent way to tighten it. And olive oil is rich in fatty acids that fight free radicals, which are responsible for aging and thus sagging tissues.

Put olive oil in the palms of your hands and rub them together until the oil becomes warm.

Rub the palms of your hands on your chest, making upward motions.

Gently massage for 15 minutes to improve blood circulation and thus stimulate cell renewal.

Repeat this process 4 to 5 times a week.

You can also use almond oil, argan oil, avocado oil, or jojoba oil.

Cucumber and egg yolk

A mask prepared from cucumber and egg yolk is a great solution for lifting the chest. Cucumber soothes the skin and eggs contain a large amount of vitamins and proteins.

Put a small cucumber in the blender.

- Add the egg yolk and a teaspoon of margarine or fresh cream until you get a paste.

Put it on your chest and leave it for about 30 minutes.

Wash with ice water.

Use this mask once a week.

Egg whites

Egg whites are beneficial for flabby breasts due to their astringent and skin-tightening properties. Its watery fat helps lift the skin around the chest.

Beat an egg white until you get a foamy mixture. Apply it on the chest, leave it for 30 minutes, then wash it with cucumber or onion juice, then with fresh water.

You can also mix an egg white with a teaspoon of natural yogurt. Apply the mixture on your chest, leave it for 20 minutes, and then wash it off with ice water.

Use one of these remedies once a week.

ice massage

This method is very effective for restoring the elasticity of the sagging chest: the low temperature causes the cells to contract, which tightens and lifts the chest.

Take two ice cubes and rub them in your breasts for a minute, using circular motions.

Dry your chest with a soft towel and immediately put on a bra.

Lie on your back for 30 minutes.

Repeat this process several times a day.


Aerobic exercises that target the chest tissues and pectoral muscles may be beneficial, provided you do them every day. Some exercises can lift and tighten sagging breasts, such as lifting weights. no

Forget to wear a supportive bra while exercising. 


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