Home exercises that keep you away from the gym

 Home exercises that keep you away from the gym

Aerobic exercise is one of the basics that help reduce the incidence of diseases and maintain a fit body, and many think that exercising requires going to the gym, which may take time and be difficult to adhere to beside work or study for many, or the lack of financial

 capabilities is always the first obstacle. Of course, with the laziness that we all suffer from, and most of us want to exercise at home, these exercises help to get rid of excess fat, strengthen the muscles of

 the body, regulate the heart rate and increase the flexibility of the body, through in this article, we offer you exercises at home that you can perform in Five minutes instead of going to the gym.

First, the plank exercise, which is an exercise that works to tighten the abdomen and get rid of excess fat on the sides area. You can do it at home easily.

Secondly, the squat exercise, which is an exercise that helps to tighten the muscles of the abdomen and thighs, and it is one of the most annoying areas for women, so squat exercises work to tighten

 the skin in the thighs area and help to harmonize the body shape. These exercises also help to get rid of cellulite and white stretches in

 the thighs. It also works to tighten the muscles of the buttocks and back and does not need equipment or a gym, so you can easily do it at home.

Third, the jumping exercise. Jumping exercises are one of the important exercises that help to strengthen the lower muscles in the body, especially the muscles of the legs, feet and lower back

 muscles. It also works to raise the physical fitness of the individual, which positively affects the heart muscle and blood vessels in the body, in addition to activating Lymphatic system and get rid of toxins and salts accumulated in the body.

Fourth, the wall pressure exercise. This exercise helps to build muscles and work to strengthen them in a large proportion, especially the muscles of the forearm, hand and shoulder, and also

 works to strengthen the muscles of the arm and chest, and it is also useful for stimulating blood circulation in the body and getting rid of clots that a person is exposed to as a result of lack of oxygen.

Fifth, the alternating lunge exercise. This exercise works mainly to strengthen the internal muscles of the leg and thighs, in addition to the back muscles (the lateral and middle back muscles (lats) and the

 abdominal muscles, and works to burn a lot of calories, and this exercise is considered one of the best effective exercises Which helps to strengthen the muscles of the thighs and buttocks.

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